Zipcar Campaign

"It's a generational thing"


Zipcar (Zipcar allows you to travel away on weekends, do Sunday grocery shopping or even pickup last minute furniture at an Ikea. It allows yo to drive cars by the hour or day with gas & insurance included.)



Millennials living in urban cities or college campuses


Zipcar has partnered with over 300 colleges and universities across North America. Zipcar has been providing universities with a turnkey solution to on-demand vehicles for students, faculty, and staff since 2000. Fewer cars on campus, improved sustainability, and convenient wheels between classes.


Highlight the perks of using Zipcar rather than ownership (without the hassles and maintenance) in a humorous way that plays fun with millennials knowledge and social habits.



Composing simple and bright portraitures of the ideal tech-savvy, urban, millennial-hipster that poke comical fun at the various apps, languages, and abbreviations that are used today by the younger generations.


It's a generational thing.

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