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Gifts for The Designer - 01

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

I'm kicking this off with the 10 most coolest and sleekest design gifts and finds for anyone who loves design and art. Below are the listed gifts and if you scroll down you'll find my thoughts. All of these items or shops I have bought from and love what I received. Buy away friends.

  1. MOMA MUJI 36 Colored Pencils

  2. Macbook Stand

  3. A Dictionary Of Color Combinations

  4. The Inky Box Subscription

  5. Ampersand Serving Board

  6. Poster: Shapes of Iconic Chairs

  7. Journal Bandolier by Clever Hands

  8. Adam JK Gift Shop

  9. Hanging Planters

  10. Stojo Travel Cups

So my top favorite buys out of these selected items is the Hanging Planters, the Macbook Stand, the Journal Bandolier by Clever Hands, and the Stojo Travel Cups.

Hanging Planters: What's great about the planters is that they have a sleek design with a fun pop of color. They are super sturdy and canvas material allows for easy cleaning.

Macbook Stand: The Macbook stand was also one of my favorites. It avoids putting your Mac flat on the floor or table and allows easy accidents to occur. It's upright, easy to grab, and doesn't allow for pulling or strain when charging, and it's sleek.

Journal Bandolier by Clever Hands: If you're like me and always in need of a pen or pencil and are always carrying a cup of coffee, a charger, a computer, SOMETHING!! This nifty little strap allows you to always have your tools. It's so simple and very classy in a meeting especially as a creative. It was one of my favorite buys, and I now i'm in meeting with the pen and pencil I need (i'm an art guy, I have favorite pens LOL).

Stojo Travel Cups: So lets face it we all have that morning or weekend beverage for morning errands that we have. We have that big mug or swell bottle or if we give in and buy a throw away from Starbucks and grab that easy Iced Coffee to go. The Stojo Travel Cup is so simple, it collapses. It comes in different sizes and colors and fits super easy flat in a backpack, purse, or a satchel for easy storage. There is nothing worse than carrying a big clunky item that fits too snug in that bag of yours.

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